Whether you are a real estate investor with many properties or an owner of a single property, you can have professional, knowledgeable and experienced representation for your leasing and property management needs. No matter where in the world you are located, you control and retain ownership of your rental property, while our expert property managers manage it to provide the greatest return on your investment.


Dominion Onward Property Management Group aggressively markets each property, using all major search engines, online classifieds, and off-site marketing. Available rental properties are also placed on the HotPads, Locators, and other online sites. We also use other tenant placement companies to help get the most exposure possible for each rental property. Prospective tenants are screened for prior evictions, judgments, bankruptcies, criminal history, sex offender registry, terrorist activity, and credit worthiness. We also require applicants to verify their income.


We follow a proven and standard practice when it comes to late rent. After a short grace period (we file on the tenants as soon as we are legally allowed), we begin the paperwork on legal proceedings regardless of the situation or excuse. Dominion Onward Properties Management Group is well versed in landlord-tenant laws and, when necessary we take swift and professional steps to ensure a smooth eviction process. We handle the entire eviction process, so you don’t have to worry. We also file judgments in the event a tenant breaks their lease.

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Each property is photographed before and after tenants take possession to document any damage that has been incurred. A detailed checklist is also used, and each room is inspected closely to document damage or irregularities.


We can handle maintenance problems of every kind, relying on our own handymen and a stable of contractors to ensure quality work, quick turnaround and competitive pricing. Our maintenance staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in order to protect your property and take care of your tenants.

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At Dominion Onward Estates and Properties we work with our clients in Nigeria and Abroad to manage their facilities as we are devoted to the coordination of space, infrastructure e.g. hotels, corporate or private properties, Rent, Lease or Tenancy we are concerned for top delivery with business services functions. We deliver safe, reliable, and cost-conscious facility operations and maintenance personnel, systems, and best practices to guaranty results. We specialize in delivering proven expertise with innovative integrated facility management, technology that translates to bottom line savings, service, and reliability.